Raygan Sylvester

Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts are for Everyone

About me:

     My name is Raygan Sylvester and I am a recent graduate of ] North Little Rock High School-West Campus where I am involved in drama, stagecraft, Show Choir and a member of the varsity Cheer Squad. I have been a competitive dancer for 13 years at Ms. Karen's Dance Studio, and my team has won numerous regional and national awards.



I really enjoy volunteering and I am a three-year member of the North Little Rock Mayor's Youth Council. We are a group of students that participate in volunteer activities to benefit those in our community. In May 2013 I was honored to be named 

North Little Rock Mayor's Youth Council Volunteer of the Year. 

  I received this award due to the work I have done with my program

 Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts are for Everyone.

 I began  "Think S.A.F.E." after my brother, Cody, was involved in a terrible car accident.  While Cody survived his accident, many others, in similar accidents, do not. The reason is simple.  Many people do not wear their seat belt each and every time they are in a car. I researched statistics and found that Arkansas is ranked 46th in the nation in seat belt use and we have one of the highest percentages of teen fatalities in car accidents! I began to think of ways to create awareness of this serious issue.  I started the "Think S.A.F.E." program to deliver an important message to students, community groups and civic organizations.  I motivate them to wear their  seat belt every time they are in a car because buckling up is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in vehicle crashes.

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people about the importance of wearing a seat belt each and every time they are in a car. I have appeared on several television shows, radio programs and my program has even been featured in magazines.  

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