Raygan Sylvester

Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts are for Everyone


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Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts are for Everyone


Each year 2.9 million people are injured and more than 37,000 people die nationwide due to car accidents; 63 percent of those who die are not wearing a seat belt. For every one percent increase in seat belt use, 172 lives and 100 million dollars in injury and death costs can be saved. Motivated by these statistics as well as my personal experience, I am committed to saving lives and reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries that result from not wearing a seat belt through my program “Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts Are For Everyone.”









 I am working side-by-side with other groups to reach my goals:




          Arkansas Govenor - Mike Beebe

          Pulaski County Sheriff - Doc Holladay

Pulaski County Judge - Buddy Villines

North Little Rock Mayor - Joe Smith

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

North Little Rock School District

State Farm Insurance - Celebrate My Drive

Drive by the Rules- Keep the Privilege


With the help of these people and organizations, I am striving to inform others about the importance of always wearing a seat belt.


Some of the programs I have initiated with Think SAFE are

  • Think SAFE student education - this program goes into elementary, junior high and high schools and delivers an age appropriate message about the importance of passenger and driver safety.  
  •  Think SAFE Elementary School Council - active in the North Little Rock School District and reminds more than 5,000 students monthly of the importance of seat belt safety through school activities and contests
  •  Teen Driving 101 -  stresses the importance of Arkansas’ driving laws and the dangers of distracted driving in a program delivered to teens who are accompanied by their parents. Parents are encouraged to sign a contract with their teens that includes consequences for driving infractions
  • Celebrate My Drive – a program which allows new drivers to experience the effects of driving under the influence  with fatal vision goggles and the dangers of texting while driving with a simulator; featured on all 4 news stations serving the central Arkansas area, as well as SavvyKids magazine
  • Car Seats for Kids – a program providing new mothers with information about the importance of securing their child in a safety seat and providing safety seats to those who cannot afford them

  My desire is to make “Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts Are For Everyone” a concept that children grow up with like “Stop, Drop, and Roll” or “Look both ways before you cross the street.”

Please remember, it only takes three seconds and it doesn't cost a cent.


 Think S.A.F.E.